Virtual Terminals

Federated Payments Canada offers a wide variety of payment solutions that allows you to accept credit cards via virtual terminals. Whether you’re a merchant on the go or service a number of Internet clients, virtual terminals are ideal for any business. Using SafePay, merchants are able to process credit card transactions from anywhere and through a number of mediums, as long as Internet access is available.

Laptop: Merchants can access the SafePay Gateway through their laptops once the laptop is connected to the Internet. Once access to the gateway is obtained, credit card and billing information must be keyed in, and the transaction can be processed.

iPhone: With a new application available from the Apple Store and Apple Online, merchants can now access the SafePay gateway using their iPhones. By accessing the Internet via WiFi or a 3g network, this is an excellent tool for small business owners on the go in addition to standard processing equipment.

Android Phones: Now Android users can take advantage of Safepay on their phones. With this new application, all users have to do is go to their “market” or “Application Store”, download the software and they are ready to process transactions quicklly and securely via our proprietary payment gateway from wherever there’s wireless service.

Existing POS: We support hundreds of existing POS terminals.

PayPass: By simply tapping a screen with a credit card or key fob, customers can make purchases quickly and conveniently using PayPass.

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