Federated Payments was founded in 1999 by John Guirguis with a clear mission to provide the best possible merchant services and support for small to midsize business merchants. With a firm understanding of the operations side of the business, Mr. Guirguis was actively seeking to expand the company’s sales and marketing initiatives.

With this in mind, John turned to his longtime friend, Jon Levitt. Mr. Levitt was operating as an ISO with EVO Merchant Services. A true sales professional, Mr. Levitt’s organization closed over 1,000 merchants within the first six months of business. With Mr. Guirguis’ proficiency on the operations side and Mr. Levitt’s keen sales abilities, they realized that their areas of expertise complemented each other perfectly. In 2003, they merged their two organizations into what is now Federated Payments which currently supports over 25,000 merchants throughout North America with their payment processing and related business needs.

In 2007, Federated Payments extended their services to include the Canadian marketplace launching Merchant Services Inc. (MSI) Canada. To meet mounting demands of small to midsize Canadian business owners, we provide significant savings on their credit card processing and equipment cost along with world class customer services/technical support that is available 7/24/365. Within the first 24 months, we grew our customer base from zero to over 10,000 merchants.